Safety and performance is the must

Installing mechanical parts, like wheel spacers, adapters, is serious mechanical modificatiion, which can impact your driving performance and safety of all traffic around you. We would liketo pay your attention to several important issues before ordering them.  

Select appropriate thickness of wheel spacers

Measure the exact distance between the outer part of the tire and the inner part of the wing using the help of a thin table. Tighten it vertically to the lower and upper part of the tire, then the inside edge of the table to be the reference point for measurement. The gap size between the plate and the inner fender will be the maximum possible thickness of the spacer for the standard chassis of the car. If you choose wider spacers, the tire can touch the wings of the car while driving across the road, thereby damaging the tires and bodywork.

If you want the wheel to be exactly with the wing exterior, or even outfitted out, you will need to replace the standard car shock absorbers with coilovers before you place spacerss, which will allow you to adjust the height and stiffness of the suspension so that the tires do not reach the wing in any way.

Check if the selected spacers or adapters will fit your car

Each car has a ring in the center of the wheel hub. It is called a centering ring, which is designed to center the rim accurately to avoid vibration while driving. When hubcentric spacers are used, the centering function is performed by the centering ring on the spacer. When using distributors without a centering ring, the hub centering ring must remain at least 6mm sticking out from spacer to align the rim.

TIP - you should measure lengh of hub ring(parameter B in the picture below) to be sure that it isat least 1mm less than thickness of the spacer. Thus you will avoid uncorrect fitting of spacers (when they  do not sit flush to the hub surface), what leads to spacers damage or neccesity to change to another thickness. We will not accept return or change of used spacers/adapters.

Choose correct bolts for the fitting of wheel spacers or adapters

your standard bolt thread length + spacer thickness = new bolt thread length